Dine:   I eat.

Amo:   I love.

Dine-amo!   I love to eat. (But I hate to gain weight.)

Love eating out? Cook like a boss? You're a Dine-amo!

And Dine-amo! is what you need to power you.


Dine-amo! makes keeping track of food and exercise easy—even fun. (We know, right?). Take a picture, tap your favorites—even talk to Dine-amo! (Well, soon.) And we rule at restaurant meals—from five-stars to hole-in-the-wall taquerias.

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Dine-amo! uses your journal information to help you plan the best food and exercise regime for you. Make a plan and see it in action.

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We won't lie: you still need discipline to make your plan work. But nothing makes it easier than Dine-amo! Your plan's personalized for you, using Dine-amo!'s advanced statistical analytics.

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We believe in the joy of eating well. Dine-amo! will help you enjoy your food-loving life to the fullest.

Oh, and did we mention? It's free.
(Though we're working on an awesome premium version.)

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Not just a food and exercise journal— Dine-amo! is the journal built for foodies by foodies.
Easy. Powerful. Built to use.

  • Millions of foods; hundreds of exercises. Branded and unbranded foods from our huge database, recipes, and menu items from real restaurants (not just chains) in your city and your neighborhood.
  • Take a picture—it'll last longer. No really: snap a barcode pic to enter a food Dine-amo! knows, or a shot of a new food's nutrition panel.
  • Tens of thousands of restaurant menus, millions of menu items.
  • Powerful searches on restaurant or brand and menu item, food or recipe name.
Dine-amo! does everything but enter your meals for you. (Working on it.)

Make a better diet and exercise plan—in minutes. Make it your plan.

  • Get a personalized plan in secondss—just tell us what you want to weigh, and by when.
  • Change your plan or use the one that Dine-amo! develops.
  • Chart your progress. (The red dots sting a little, but the green ones are sweet.)
  • Don't like your plan? Click to end it and start a new one.

Work your plan. It's all yours.

  • Flexibility. Know you're going to eat more on Thanksgiving? Change the plan. It'll adjust.
  • Check out how you're doing at a glance.

In a little while, you can be fancy. Premium.

Premium Dine-amo! is on its way. You should check that out.